Introduction Dana Atchley, who is considered one of the foremost advocates for digital storytelling in the late 20th century as he worked with major companies like Coca Cola on their ad campaigns remarked that, " storytelling combines the best of two worlds: the 'new world' of digitized video, photography and art, and the "old world" of telling stories. This means the "old world" of PowerPoint slides filled with bullet point statements will be replaced by a "new world" of examples via stories, accompanied by evocative images and sounds." (Reynolds 2014, 94) Multimedia approaches to online content such as photos, drawings, diagrams, music, video clips and animations have transformed traditional forms of storytelling. Now, New Journalism has reshaped different media formats; from digital documentaries, blogs, vlogs, video essays to graphic memoirs and audio-visual art. This new era in storytelling has also democratized the flow of information and changed the way academics communicate with the public. Course Objectives: 1. Develop students' voice, unique point of view & respect for craft 2. Teach students to identify the implicit and explicit questions in their work 3. Train techniques on personifying Emotional Content Online 4. Develop students' writing/content styles 5. Prepare students to locate a soundtrack to their content 6. Leverage students' ability to understand the audience's needs Course Period: 6 WEEKS

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