Introduction Research writing shares an answer to your research questions. The answer is evidence based. The evidence being provided by sources cited, analytical reasoning and/or primary data. Whatever the discipline, there is key information that should accompany all research reports. Whether you are interested in getting published, submitting a college paper or a report to your boss. Report writing can take a traditional format as an analytical essay and a creative format with artistic motivations within print, video, digital or other types of graphic art. Course Objectives: 1. Learn how to organize primary and secondary sources to speak to a research problem and utilize sources to provide possible solutions 2. Gain experience implementing various citation styles 3. Explore credible sourcing styles to produce a high caliber of research and scholarship 4. Produce publishable work work with academic rigour 5. Appreciate the mechanics of writing, grammar use and copyediting Course Period: 6 WEEKS

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10 Lessons